As an agile business analyst, I help you apply an agile mindset to your business, giving you a practical toolkit for success.

The technological landscape has changed massively, and businesses need change with it. They must be flexible enough to adapt, if they are to survive and thrive.

The agile mindset underpins this change, by creating a bridge between technology and business strategy.

I apply the scrum framework and agile mindset in my in-depth business analysis, preparing your business for change. Drawing on my background and extensive knowledge of both tech and business, I will support you throughout the transformation process.

I can also act as your product owner, ensuring you get maximum value from your product development, by working closely with your teams, processes, stakeholders and customers.


The agile business analyst has a set of straightforward objectives:

Help your business develop processes that are customer-focused.

Ensure the technology department or suppliers understand exactly what they need to develop and deliver to the business.

Assess and establish the requirements of the business, and

Ensure that business teams can deliver and implement them.

Businesses and organisations have different structures and needs. The agile business analyst’s role is to develop clear paths to resolve complex issues and to embed lasting solutions.

This is why the critical first stage of the process is about me gaining a clear understanding of your business and how it works.

This provides the essential foundation for incisive business analysis.

We tailor our expertise to each individual project, so find out how we can help you today.

Applying the Scrum Framework

The scrum framework in agile business analysis is designed to help teams work together. The term scrum is taken from rugby, based on the principle that teams should coordinate their efforts in closely-knit formations.

This integrated approach for their teams enables businesses to meet the challenges ahead.

You can apply the scrum framework to different kinds of teamwork. It gives you a set of efficient and adaptable agile project management tools.

Product Owner

The product owner plays a key role in the scrum framework, managing the product development team and its processes.

This role is all about defining goals and creating a vision to drive development projects forward.

About Me

I founded Simple Progression in 2006, to meet a growing demand for specialist, agile business analysis support.

I have over 20 years’ experience providing business consultancy services.

My track record is in designing and implementing large-scale digital change programmes, often in complex, regulated environments.

Simple Progression is built on trust and confidence. I gain the trust of my clients through my close understanding of their businesses. This gives them the confidence to embrace the agile mindset and the solutions it brings.

For more information about business analysis, the agile mindset and scrum framework, please call 07950 977054, email [email protected], or complete the form below.

  • Change is inevitable, but growth is optional. Agile business analysis can support your positive business transformation.

  • Analysis starts with strategic thinking. The agile approach helps you make lasting changes while meeting regulatory requirements.

Providing expert agile business analysis to transform your enterprise, bridging the gap between business and tech.

For more information about agile business analysis and how it can support your enterprise, please call 07950 977054, email [email protected], or complete the form below.


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