Making the Change to Agile: Dos and Don’ts

Making a successful change to the agile mindset for project management depends on setting the stage properly.

Culture Change: Do You Have the Mindset for Agile?

Culture change is a key aspect of adopting the agile approach. If an enterprise or organisation is going to adopt agile effectively, it must have the right collective mindset. It needs to embed this mindset in its culture.

Don’t Believe the Hype! Why Agile Really Works

Agile can bring about profound transformations in organisations and enterprises, but is there a danger that the hype surrounding agile over-promises what it can deliver?

Unsure About Agile? Here Are the Business Benefits

Committing to change means being prepared to do things differently, and the agile mindset can feel very different from your normal ways of working.

Changing to Agile: What are the Stumbling Blocks?

As an agile business analyst I recognise and appreciate that a shift in culture can be a big ask. In this blog, I look at the stumbling blocks on the journey to agile, and plan for changing to agile can look like.

Waterfall or Agile: Which Will Work Best For You?

As a business analyst  it is my task to ensure my clients get the support they need to meet their objectives. The processes I’ve been closely involved with, and that I’ve initiated, are all about making sure that the form of business analysis fits each specific set of needs.

  • Change is inevitable, but growth is optional. Agile business analysis can support your positive business transformation.

  • Analysis starts with strategic thinking. The agile approach helps you make lasting changes while meeting regulatory requirements.

Delivering effective business analysis

Whatever your business challenge, we will approach it in a logical and creative way, so you can he confident that the process will run smoothly. Once we join your team, we will:

Discover your primary business objectives
Define the project scope
Formulate your business analysis plan
Define the detailed requirements

Support the technical implementation
Help the business implement the solution
Assess the value created by the solution
Execute your project on time and to budget

Providing expert analysis for your business transformation plan. We listen to your detailed requirements and translate this into a customer-focused approach, creating the necessary bridge between the business and IT.


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