Why Would you Need the Services of a Product Owner?

The product owner plays a key role in the scrum framework of an agile business. They drive the development cycle and make sure concepts will translate into real-world actions.

Essentially, this is about taking on the responsibility for managing and delivering defined outcomes related to specific products, projects or services.

The product owner role is multi-disciplinary, combining several important skills and functions:

Business strategy

Market analysis

Product design and development

Project management

Stakeholder engagement

Client liaison.

Vision and Perspective

To maximise the value of the products that the scrum development team creates, the product owner applies a high level perspective to product design and development.

This is about seeing the bigger picture while also being able to focus on precise details where necessary.

High level perspective defines the team’s goals and creates an overall vision for product development.

At the core of it all is communication. The product owner maintains open lines of communication with everyone involved with, or impacted by, the project.

As your product owner, I maintain the vision of your project by creating a roadmap for the product. This acts as both a practical plan and a strategic guide for stakeholders.

Managing the Backlog

Every project generates a to-do list. This is the project backlog.

The product owner manages this backlog, defining and creating items, adding them to the list and prioritising them.

The backlog is ever-changing, continually updating as project needs evolve throughout development.

Because the agile approach is based on tangible incremental gains, it is vital that the backlog is on track and up-to-date.

Can Your Project Benefit from a Product Owner?

Having an experienced product owner on board can help to shape the design and development of your major projects, ensuring the kind of positive outcomes that enable enterprises to change and grow.

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  • Analysis starts with strategic thinking. The agile approach helps you make lasting changes while meeting regulatory requirements.

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