Is Scrum Dead?

The death of scrum may sound dramatic, but there are views out there that proclaim loudly that it is indeed dead or at least dying.

Why Do Scrum Teams Fail?

For agile to become a viable solution, it needs a practical framework. This is what scrum should provide. However, as with other frameworks and approaches, there’s no guarantee scrum will always work. Sometimes, scrum teams fail.

What is a Scrum Team?

The scrum team sits at the heart of the agile approach, delivering incremental goals and objectives. The idea behind agile is that you can achieve much more by working incrementally, breaking down large, complex projects into smaller, manageable component parts.

Product and Sprint: How Backlogs Work in Agile

The agile approach to project management is systematic and incremental, and for these reasons, there needs to be a clear picture of what tasks you will need to complete within these various increments.

Can the Agile Approach Keep Big Projects on Track?

The agile approach to managing projects is incremental. Its origins, and those of the Scrum framework, are in software development. But agile and scrum now have broader applications across a diverse range of projects.

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